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Greetings Furbaby friends. We all hope your summer is going as well as can be expected, despite the pandemic, some politics and lots of uncertainty.

I just wanted to send out a note to ALL our clients to share our gratitude with each one of you who place your faith with us at Furbaby Pet Care. So far this summer, we have been busy. All sorts of dogs and cats have roamed into our campus and either have spent the day, the weekend or even a week or two here. And we love every single minute of their company. Again, thank you.

Monthly Membership

Congratulations to Storm! Furbaby Pet Care’s first Member of the Month winner!

We have started our monthly Furbaby Pet Care Member of the Month recognition! Each month, we take a moment to thank our monthly members by selecting one lucky winner to receive a prize package. Last month Storm was our winner and who knows, you and your pup could be next! Contact us to learn more about the benefits of membership at Furbaby Pet Care.

Get your gift cards!

There is still lots of summer left and I wanted to remind you that we have gift cards available for all the services here at Furbaby. They’re great for gift bags, staff appreciation and you can even stash a few away for quick gifts for family and friends. Just send us a note or give us a call at Furbaby Pet Care and we can set you up with one of our cool gift cards.


Oh! Speaking of cool…I am almost forgetting the BIG NEWS! You can take some cool comfort now knowing we have just added a Portacool Evaporative Cooler to our repertoire in the Furbaby indoor parks. This beast is amazing! It’s sometimes dubbed a “swamp cooler” and it can lower air temperatures by about 15 degrees Celsius. Combine that with the chorus of industrial fans inside our indoor pet parks and we have devised a good, reliable and safe way to keep the temperatures cooler inside as well as ensure there is good air flow for every creature inside the Furbaby campus.

As we start to move into August and then September – and as more uncertainty still hovers above us all – I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you there’s no uncertainty for you here at Furbaby Pet Care. We are fully staffed and have introduced even more stringent protocols for all of us to observe; from COVID-19 safety measures, to pet bookings, to training and to communication with you and within our facility. Our aim remains to ensure your pet gets the best care while you have peace-of-mind when you drop off your furry friend at the Furbaby Pet Care door.

We all look forward to seeing you here at Furbaby. Whether it’s daily, weekly or once in a while, thanks for being part of the Furbaby family.


Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, CCMT, CPPS

Owner, Furbaby Pet Care Inc.

2902 Jasper Ave S

(306) 912-7783