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A day in the life at Furbaby Pet Care

by: Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, Owner, Furbaby Pet Care

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check in at Furbaby Pet Care. Aside from looking cute and posing for some pictures, your dogs who come to visit us have lots to do while they’re here. Many of our clients know that at Furbaby we have an open concept park. In reality, there are no rooms that the dogs can access in the 8,000 sq ft area.  And we have it set up that way intentionally, so we can all watch the dogs from many different vantage points.

The Large Park at Furbaby Pet Care

Furbaby Pet Care offers plenty of space

When we first took over our building in 2018, it was important for us to maintain the open concept inside the structure on Jasper Avenue. Our first project was to separate the parks into different sections, ensuring that we could still be able to see all four corners of the building.  We then divided the parks into zones, which include the Large and Small parks, the Dawg Lounge and an area which houses about 10 kennels – which we use for feeding and rest purposes.

View of the Dawg Lounge

We ensure your dog gets lots of activity

A dog should have a mix of play and rest throughout their day. Play time can include things like physical enrichment in an open park with a group of other dogs, or it can be mental stimulation where the dog is alone with puzzles and kong toys. If you drop off your pet with a lunch or meal break, we will have the pet rest after eating for at least half hour before active play again. 

At approximately 2:00 PM every day, we turn off the lights inside the campus to decrease stimulation inside the parks. Trust me, after the morning, then lunches, some of the dogs are packed with energy! This really helps. The dogs who are boarding with us will also be taken for naps – either in a run, or one of the cottages we have set up. 

Your dog can spend time in any part of the building while they are here with us at Furbaby Pet Care.  Each zoned area of the parks has designations, but even THAT is very fluid depending on the dogs who are in our care. We observe the energy level of the dogs, and watch them in the group and can decide which area is best for your pup. 

These pups have the run of the Small Park. We place dogs differently each day according to temperament

No two days are alike at Furbaby Pet Care!

In our Dawg Lounge, you will find small dogs (under 10 lbs) and sometimes medium sized dogs who simply enjoy spending their time with the smaller dogs. We also have the runs located in this area. In our small park, we generally place active small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs that are getting along with the crew already in the park.  The large park is usually the most active! There is a wide variety of sizes and breeds that play together here. All dogs are consistently monitored by our trained staff and they can make immediate decisions as to where the dogs should play, who they can play with and where they are having the most fun! 

The Small Park has 900 square feet of turf, while our large park has 1900 square feet of turf.  Both parks also have areas of epoxy pained cement too. But size-wise, the 2 parks are not very different. Both have immediate access to exit doors, garage doors, water, circulation and more.  Our dog trainer is also in the parks daily.  Our staff is also trained in dog behaviour and body language.

Meal prep is critical

We prepare your pet’s meals at certain points of each day using a technique we created where dogs are brought one-by-one from the parks to a dog run where their food and water is waiting for them. The dog is observed while it’s eating and gets plenty of time after their meals to rest and digest. We communicate with other staff members in the building using a walkie-talkie system.

Brent prepares a meal according to the instructions
given to us by the family

We take pride in what we offer at Furbaby Pet Care

We all work hard to keep our campus clean. As such, we constantly carefully disenfect and pick up. Our cleaning supplies are pet-safe and veterinarian-approved. We know and fully understand that a clean environment makes for healthier and happier dogs. There are indeed times when pet odours will surface. Generally, it’s days when it is very cold or very hot outside. Because of weather, we are limited as to how many doors we can open and how many fans we can use at one time.

We are open and staffed around the clock – something that sets Furbaby Pet Care apart from the rest. As such, our overnight staff is able to do some deep cleaning throughout the facility while the dogs sleep. And if it’s a night where the pups are restless, well, we keep them company!

But please keep in mind, Furbaby is not a fit for all dogs.  The environment can be highly stimulating and perhaps too much for some pups and we completely understand that  When a dog is coming for the first time, our trainer will do an assessment and we share that information with you so you can understand how your puppy will fit in to the Furbaby lifestyle.

If you’re thinking about bringing your pet over to Furbaby, give us a call. We board cats too and other little creatures like rabbits and guineau pigs! We understand that it might be tough to think about leaving your pet with us. Rest assured, we will go above and beyond to care for YOUR fur baby!