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Furbaby Pet Care

“…. Infectious disease experts as well as the CDC, OIE, WHO, all indicate there is no evidence to suggest pet dogs or cats can be the source of infection, including the spread of COVID-19 to people.” American Veterinarian Medical Association

Furbaby takes yours and your pets’ health extremely seriously. We clean, sterilize, wash, mop and fumigate the entirety of our parks and animal areas every single day and have only increased our efforts to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our Campus and all the pets and people in it.

The cleaning lists are extensive and, at times, means our True 24 Hour Pet Care Campus is being cleaned way into the wee hours. But we happily make these efforts because we love them too.

Furbaby Pet Care remains open during this crisis time. We’ve instructed staff that if they feel ill, they are to stay home, eliminating exposures to clients and their pets as much as we possibly can. We also ask that if any of our clients are feeling ill, have Furbaby Mobile come and get your dog to bring to Daycare. They can still get all the exercise they need, boosting and maintaining their circulatory and immune systems, right when that sort of thing might be needed most of all.

We also want to let you know that, as the school year in Saskatoon is wrapping up early, household stresses are likely to rise. If you need a break from pet care on your daily chores list, Furbaby will be here for you and them, whenever you may need that break.

** UPDATE: March 19th, 2020

Until further notice, Public Open Park is closed to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and anyone who comes in to play with their furbabies at Public Open Park. Indoor Parks are open if you’d like to drop your dog off for some play time, for only $4.50 per hour. We will be happy to watch after them while you get through your growing lists of chores. Members can bring their dogs for a free, one-hour drop-in, every day, until Public Open Park can re-open and normal Campus life resumes.

Our hours are modified for the time being as well- until further notice, Furbaby Pet Care Campus will be open from 6AM until 8:30PM, every day. So Drop-in Play Times will be during these hours. 

Mobile Services remain unchanged at this time. 

From all of us at Furbaby Pet Care please be safe and take care of yourselves and each other.