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Guide to Gingr

The following is intended as a brief guide to Furbaby Pet Care clients who are unfamiliar with our new online service, Gingr. We are offering this for some of the more common requests. Included are some sections on how to use the customer portal and how to request any of our services.

If at any time you have questions that are not answered by the guide or run into trouble completing something you believe you should be able to, feel free to call us and we will happily assist you at (306) 912-7783.

Opening Steps

  1. Go to this url: https://furbabysk.gingrapp.com/customer
  2. Select ‘Are you a current customer?’ if you have used a Furbaby Pet Care service prior to October 1, 2020. If you are using Gingr for the first time, select ‘Are you a new customer?‘.
  3. Select either your email or phone number to log in, this will be the preferred email and phone number you confirmed with us prior to the launch of Gingr.
  4. On your first log in there will be a prompt to sign any unsigned agreements, this is optional at first but will become necessary later to book certain services.

Customer Portal

1. Quick Actions

Request Services is how you can quickly access daycare, boarding and other services.

Upload Files is the best way to get vaccinations updated in our system by uploading paperwork with vaccination names and dates clearly visible.

Edit My Account is where to go if you moved, changed your phone number, or need to add a new dog.

2. My Account

Although there are many menu options under this heading, we’re only highlighting a few that we believe to be very useful!

Purchase Package & Retail option in this menu allows you to buy packages like daycare or training from the convenience of your home and without having to call in a card number.

Cards on File enables you to manage any cards you may want us to keep on file to make purchases or pay deposits without having to call in.

3. My Reservations

View presents your entire history with Furbaby Pet Care for all of our services.

Deposits allows you to manage any deposits, open or otherwise, that you might have for requested boarding reservations.

Request Services is yet another place where you can request any of our services (Gingr really tries to make this easy for you!).

Thank you for being our client!

We appreciate all your understanding while we change for the better at Furbaby Pet Care. Please take the time to explore the new booking application and upload pictures of your pets too! If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

There are several video tutorials on You Tube as to how to set up and check your account using Gingr. Our friends at Stay in Chicago gave us permission to use their video created a few years ago for this very reason!

Thanks again for being part of the Furbaby Pet Care family!