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Thank you. I’m going to say that right at the top of this post.

Thank you for trusting us and coming to us during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important for you to know that we’ve taken extreme measures to ensure our already-high standards remain exactly in place. Just as we have always done here at FURBABY PET CARE.

Dog areas are cleaned constantly using our strict measures to ensure your pup is happy and cared for while they visit. Public areas are also meticulously cleaned to ensure your safety when you come to drop off or pick up your pet. Our staff will be slowly returning to work as more and more of you return to us – dropping off your pets for daycare or boarding, or simply booking our dog walk services and home pet-checks. Make sure you check our website for all the services we provide at Furbaby.

And in order to ensure we’ve got things right, I’m posting a link right here for a survey we created in order to get your very important feedback – especially during times like these. One person who fills out the survey will be the winner of a $100.00 gift card from FURBABY PET CARE.

And, did I mention? We have gift cards available now for the public. Stop by Furbaby to pick up one, or send us an email to info@furbabysk.ca to enquire about how to get yours. You can ask for any denomination and they’re great gifts for all sorts of special events which will be taking place throughout the summer. The gift card can be used for any of our services we provide at FURBABY PET CARE.

Some good things happened during COVID-19 and the shutdown which affected nearly the entire world. Here, in our small world, we welcomed some new life. This is the story about Gypsy – a dog (we think has some border collie – and more!) in her.  Gypsy was carefully brought in one day after she had just given birth to 7 puppies. One of our employees, Ana, was already caring for her and because of the shutdowns throughout the city, we were able to set her up nicely in a Furbaby cottage. There, Gypsy could care for her little puppies – she received food, fresh bedding, care and lots of love. It was an honour to witness Gypsy caring for her little ones. We sense she knew she was safe for once in her young life, and she knew her babies would be cared for as well.

In case you’re wondering, Gypsy was found wandering near Prince Albert, very pregnant, in April, 2020. All of her pups were healthy at birth and Gypsy was able to give the care to her little ones – like any good mama can do. Ana named all of the puppies. She tells me they were named after characters from the story (and Disney movie), The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She chose that idea because it was the only Disney movie that featured so-called gypsies in it. And, indeed, this family of puppies were truly gypsies at the beginning of their lives! Their names were originally Quasi, Phoebus, Victor, Hugo, Madeline, Laverne, and Esmeralda. (some names may have been changed)

And the REALLY good news? All the puppies have been adopted – and the star of this Furbaby story – Gypsy – has also found a new home.

Gypsy and her puppies.
The little ones are 7 weeks old at the time of writing this and we believe Gypsy may be a year and a half old.

So, you see, even during the bad, there’s good. And I’m just taking this opportunity to show you how proud we are at FURBABY PET CARE with the services and special attention we provide for your pets. We look forward to seeing you again and we invite you to call us or email us to find out about our new services like dog training and events such as the Puppy Fun Group.

Thanks again for your support during COVID-19. Welcome back! Our doors are open for you and your pets!


Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, CCMT, CPPS

Owner, Furbaby Pet Care Inc.

2902 Jasper Ave S