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Greetings all! It’s time to remind you about health matters for your pet!

It’s also very nice to be able to connect with you as we’re just about to finish up winter. I want to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy pet, particularly after a rather tough season. We had lengthy bouts of cold weather, more snow than expected and continued worldwide uncertainty. And these events can take a toll on your fur baby.

But winter is nearly over and everyone at Furbaby Pet Care is looking forward to a positive outlook, change of seasons, milder weather, and more daylight!

Kara loves to play at Furbaby Pet Care
Kara loves to play at Furbaby Pet Care


We urge you to check your pet’s medical records to ensure all your vaccinations are up to date. We’re providing you with a list of protocols which can be checked off your list so you can stay focussed on health matters for your pet:

  • Get annual vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccine for Kennel Cough.
  • If you are bringing your dog ANYWHERE that other animals have been, be aware there is quite likely viruses, parasites, and disease opportunities which exist. These areas include dog parks, daycares, pet stores, groomers, and veterinarians.
  • When you’re walking with your dog, take the cleanest path to avoid contact with anything which might have some parasites attached.
  • Pick up after bathroom breaks and dispose right away.
  • Wipe/clean paws when they get home.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize any toys that your pups put in their mouths.
  • Regularly sanitize food and water dishes.
  • Clean your shoes too.
  • Regularly clean beds, blankets, cushions that your pets lay on.
  • If your dog starts to throw up, has loose stools, diarrhea, it’s recommended to call your vet.
  • Bag up unusual excrement if you are going to the vet, so they can investigate further
  • Make sure there is clean water available as it’s critical to keep your dog hydrated.
  • Try a bland diet of rice and chicken or rice and beef if your dog’s stomach is upset.
  • If your dog is unwell, keep your pup away from other dogs – staying home is the best.
Beau's catching up on sleep at Furbaby!
Beau’s catching up on sleep at Furbaby!


If we can take a quick walk down memory lane, I want to remind you of a success story at Furbaby Pet Care. It was last year we initiated the mandatory Bordetella vaccination to prevent Kennel Cough at our campus. If you recall, all it takes is one doggy to bring it in, and from there, it spreads quickly. We had two outbreaks which caused us to close the campus for short periods of time while we completely sanitized the entire facility. This year is a much different story. We’re vigilant regarding the Bordetella vaccine. Each dog must have received the vaccine and families must show the paperwork to prove it. Because you pet’s health matters to us!

The result? No Kennel Cough. (knock on wood!)  And we have completely updated cleaning protocols to ensure it doesn’t come back. At Furbaby Pet Care, we have always had rigorous cleaning protocols which are followed throughout the day and night on campus. AND, we ensure these steps are emphatically followed. We use an internal communication system to communicate between shifts and staff are constantly reminding other shifts to ensure cleanliness is maintained. It’s just part of the vocabulary at Furbaby Pet Care. And your pet’s health matters to us!


Remember, with the milder weather comes thoughts of travel. And if your journeys don’t include your pet, please consider us for boarding. We are the only facility in town which offers 24/7 staffed care. As well, our staff really likes to go above and beyond. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come into work and walk into the office area only to find some of the smaller dogs hanging around with our Communications Director, Christina Cherneskey. Or see pictures of overnight staff playing with the kitty cats or a visiting bunny rabbit. I’ve often walked through the Dawg Lounge and see someone sitting on the couch and having a very serious conversation with one of your dogs. It’s heart-warming and it’s the community we have created for your pets.

Thanks for taking a moment to read through my blog post. It’s always great to connect with each of you and send you our gratitude and thanks.


Sadie loves her visits to Furbaby!
Sadie loves her visits to Furbaby!