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Hello! I’m Chad Pierce, and I’m excited to join the Furbaby Pet Care team as the new dog trainer.

I use a calm and collected method of training dogs. I take time to learn about your dog and their behaviours and use our meet-and-greet sessions to observe your dog in a setting where I can watch them carefully. I have received international dog training certifications, and am certified in methods of Fear Free and Positive Only techniques so I can bring the most pleasant experience to your pups during training. I study animal behaviour as a hobby – I find current literature on the most up-to-date ideas and strategies to operate in the most effective manner possible.

We’re in this together. I have two very intense breeds myself: a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois. These breeds are no slouch and simply owning them takes a lot of time and energy to ensure proper care. This is what I pass along to all my clients; the ability to properly handle and care for your pups in the most pleasant and fun ways for both you and your dog. You’ll leave my training session with some peace-of-mind as well as clear direction on how to best move forward.

Having intense breeds has allowed me to expand my horizon as to what works and what tools are the most effective for the desired outcome. I am hoping to pass this on to YOU, so you may have the an enlightened dog training experience!

I look forward to meeting you. You can connect with me at training@furbabysk.ca.

Furbaby Pet Care trainer Chad Pierce and his dog Watson