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We’re proud of the work we do at Furbaby Pet Care. Since we opened our doors in 2018, our entire team has worked together to create the highest standards possible for your pet care. Significant investments of money and time have gone into Furbaby, and it’s our goal and dream to continue to move forward with our vision to offer the best pet care facility in Saskatoon and area.

We’re informing you about an upcoming price increase which goes into effect on Saturday June 18th, 2022. You can see the price increases in the graphic here:

These decisions do not come easily. But we’re facing certain realities such as:

  • Competitive employment markets. We want to appreciate the employees we have by paying them a competitive wage and offer benefits;
  • Giving our employees certified training from reliable and trusted sources;
  • Increasing operations costs. From utilities to cleaning supplies, we’re paying more;
  • Ensuring care for the animals remains our Number One priority. It’s our aim to keep the staff-to-dog ratio lowest in Saskatoon;
  • Maintaining our play-and-staff interaction – we’re proud of Furbaby’s unique stance in the community for this;
  • Keeping our service levels high.

Please know, you can reach out to me at any time to talk more about this and other steps we’ve taken to move forward at Furbaby Pet Care. In the meantime, thanks for being one of our customers. It’s great to know you and to care for your pets!