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Have you seen this puppy on our social media?

Hi, I’m Jillian, the Manager at Furbaby Pet Care and this is my dog, Reese! She is the newest addition to the Furbaby team, a five-month-old Golden Retriever. She plays an invaluable role at our facility, as our furry ambassador.

What does that mean?

As our ambassador, Reese will be attending events with the Furbaby team, most likely sporting a cute ‘Furbaby’ bandana. You will see her photo featured as part of advertisements, campaigns, and any fundraisers that Furbaby takes part in. Reese also serves as a terrific source of comical support for our staff – we have all enjoyed watching her navigate through the goofy stages of puppyhood.

We held a contest back in September, on our Facebook page, to help us find her the perfect name. The winner won a $50 gift card to use for any of Furbaby Pet Care’s services.

What is day-to-day life like for Reese?

Reese lives at home with me and my dog, Rosie. She comes to work with me every day and spends time in all areas of the facility. She is always so excited when we pull into the parking lot. As a result, she usually burns off all her energy first thing in the morning, rolling around with all your dogs! When she isn’t playing with her friends, she is napping the day away in the office area.

Reese is well into her puppy training with Furbaby’s trainer, Chad Pierce. We have been working hard to expose her to all kinds of environments and situations. You will often see us at the city dog parks or out for a walk doing training sessions. Reese (and I) are frequent shoppers at Winners and Homesense, so chances are high that you will see us there as well! Haha!

Reese is on social media!!

If you are at our campus and want to meet Reese, please as the staff at the front desk. You can check out her Instagram to follow along on her adventures and see some pretty cute pictures!