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I understand. Completely.

Leaving your fur baby for daycare or boarding can be a hard thing to do!  I completely get it! 

And, what you should know is Furbaby Pet Care was created with this in mind. You see, I am a pet parent too. When I started Furbaby several years ago, I had a 16-year-old miniature poodle (JoJo) who was my shadow, my soul mate and my best friend. I NEVER could have imagined leaving him at a daycare or a boarding kennel. The thought of him in a crate for hours actually horrified me. I would think of JoJo not getting any cuddles and it broke my heart.

I’m a business owner AND a crazy dog mom!

So I thought about it. And worked on a business plan – a way to create a place that would be good enough for JoJo. Now, aside from having my business, Furbaby Pet Care, I have two dogs; Penny and Ruger, and two cats; Lucky and Moe. All of them have been to Furbaby and have stayed here. The dogs come almost every day. And – funny story – when the pups are boarding, I am ‘that crazy dog mom’! Just like a lot of our clients, I send in messages asking how those two are doing and crossing-my-fingers hoping the staff will have time to send me a picture or two. When I get a picture, I am proud to show off my fur babies to anyone who will look with me. 

But most importantly, I know my puppies are safe and having a good time. I 100-percent know I will not see my dogs in cages – as was my nightmare image of what some kennels or pet daycares might look like.

At Furbaby, we want your dogs to run and play and eat and sleep

Furbaby Pet Care runs what’s known as an Open Concept Model. Dogs are encouraged to roam around inside our 8,000 sq ft facility, find a couch to relax – if they need it, or even snuggle into beds we have inside large runs – when they need a more personalized space.  And, on occasion, we do take the dogs into runs for a short time-out, or for meals, to ensure the dogs digest their food. By the way, there is a customized feeding schedule for the dogs at Furbaby. It is respected and followed and if there are questions, we have an internal communication system that is online 24/7. And I cannot forget to mention the large, enclosed back yard we have for the dogs. We use that area year-’round and it’s always supervised, kept clean and fences inspected daily.

I can’t speak highly enough about Furbaby’s team

I also know the staff here are amazing. Each team member has been trained by one of the best online training programs in North America, Dog Gurus. Staff members complete courses and review best practices and essential training in dog behaviour and body language, And the team also works one-on-one with our in-house dog trainer. The staff are all animal lovers – and it shows in how they work with the dogs and cats. Did you know? Many of our team members are in school for animal related courses.

You can contact me any time!

I may be the owner of Furbaby, but please know this: my heart and soul has gone into everything you see and experience at Furbaby Pet Care. I have based this on exactly what I would expect as a client. And, we tell our staff many times over to look at the pet’s experience through the eyes of the client. It’s just one of our mantras on our campus. And if this post has inspired you to book a a visit for your pet, just get started here and you’re ready to go!

If you need to see something specific for you to make your experience better, I welcome your feedback always. Please, do not ever hesitate to reach out!

Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik, CPPS, CCMT