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Greetings to all our friends. Thank you for taking a few quick minutes to read my latest blog.

In this blog, I’ll explain why you should use a professional Pet Care Provider. There has been a bit of discussion as of late about why it’s important to ensure your pet is in the best hands when it comes to care: that could be daycare, boarding, training and grooming. Sure, it’s peace-of-mind, because we ALL know the feeling when we drop off our fur baby at the groomer, or the day care, or even the vet – it’s that feeling of, “should I have kissed them one last time?” or “are they scared without me?” And we know there are hundreds of other thoughts crashing through our heads when we drive away. So, how do we, as a pet care facility, assure you that you are going to receive the best care possible? What assurances do you have that you’re going to a professional pet care provider?

Furbaby Pet Care is licenced, insured…and more…

First of all – know this, Furbaby Pet Care is a licenced, insured, bonded and certified pet care facility. We do not come upon those certifications lightly. These are critical designations that prove to you that we mean business when it comes to caring for your pet. And it’s important to remind you of that every so often, just to give you some understanding of the committment we’re making to you and to your pets.

And, we train our staff consistently – with updated sessions along the way. With summer ending, and a change of seasons upon us, Furbaby Pet Care has certainly seen its fair share of staff turnover. But we have several new staff members in our fold again and it’s why we designate time and resources to ensure these new staff members are trained properly. And…if you didn’t know, I carry a long list of certifications in order to do my job and to run Furbaby Pet Care.

Credentials are critical

Along with continual education in this industry, here is the certification I bring to you:

  • Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT),
  • Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS),
  • Certified PetTech ™ Pet First Aid,
  • CPR & Pet Saver Instructor (PTI), and
  • Certified in Enrichment Counselling (Dog Gurus).

When you bring your fur baby to a pet care provider, do not hesitate to ask the owner or general manager what certifications or licensing they have. Frankly, they should leap at the chance to share their accomplishments, designations as well as achievements they’ve amassed in order to get to this professional point in their lives. Hopefully that provides you with the assurance you need in order to leave your pet with them.

Furbaby Pet Care is active in Saskatoon’s communities

I am also very proud to say we are members of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. We are in good standing with our City of Saskatoon Business licensing and with ProFur, our insurance provider.

Thank you for entrusting us to care for your pets. It is sincerely our honour and privilege that we do not take lightly. We love seeing all the different dogs and cats come into our intake area and then onto our campus. We see your dogs and cats grow up and we learn about their idiosyncrasies and special characteristics. It makes us feel special when your pets remember us and we love recognizing all of the fur babies at the door. Thank you for that. But remember, we couldn’t be here unless we could show you the commitment we’ve made to this business and, ultimately, to you and your fur baby.