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When is check in time and check out time?

we are a 24-hour facility and therefore, check in or check out time is anytime of the day or night that works for you and your schedule.

What are the vaccines that are required for my dogs to come there?

Distemper, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella

What do I need to bring with my dog to daycare or boarding?

The only requirement is to bring any food your dog will require while they are staying with us. We have everything else – beds, food bowls, blankets.

How do you separate the dogs during daycare?

we take many things into consideration when deciding which dogs play together. We look at size, behaviour and their experience at a daycare environment. We have the small park, large park and dawg lounge for dog groups to play in.

How do you keep your Facility clean?

We are ALWAYS cleaning; every shift has cleaning duties to keep our Campus clean. We use veterinary grade cleaning and deodorizing products, from Zep Cleaning Supplies. This includes Thermo-Det and Dyna Quat Plus. We are also continually sanitizing bowls through our stainless steel bosch dishwasher, and sanitizing beds/blankets by washing regularly.

How old do my dogs need to be in order to come?

The minimum age a dog can be at Furbaby is 16 weeks with all vaccines (Distemper, parvo, Bordetella and Rabies)

Can you send us updates throughout the day?

Our communications director attempts to get photos of as many dogs as she can to display on our Social media as she can. We are often quite busy caring for the dogs, that we don’t have a lot of time to take pictures and communicate with pet parents regularly. HOWEVER, if you purchase a report card (only $5) for your stay, you will receive an update, know who your pet was friends with throughout the day and are guaranteed a MINIMUM of one photo!

What does an average day look like for a dog in daycare?

Dogs will go through a variety of free play (both indoor and outdoor), they will get structured play and guidance, some will be pulled aside for one-on-one enrichment activities, and most importantly, your pets will have rest periods. If your pet has lunch, they will also have a rest period of at least 20 minutes afterward to digest their food.

My dog needs to wear a cone at all times. Is that okay?

Dogs are not allowed at daycare if they are wearing a cone, for any reason.

What training does your staff have?

Every staff member is required to take Pet First Aid and CPR instructed in a hands-on workshop by PetTech™ certified instructor Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik. Every staff member also spends many hours in training on dog behaviours, off leash play, how to work with dogs and more through Pet Guru College funded through Furbaby Pet Care and instructed by Dog Gurus.

What are your cancellation policies?

We do not offer refunds/only credit towards future services.
Cancellation Policy:
More than 72 hours – full credit
72 hours – 24 hours – 50% fee
24 hours or less – 100% fee

When my dog comes for grooming, will they also get a chance to play in the daycare?

Yes! We allot for 2 hours for your dog to be with our groomer and have approximately half-hour of daycare with no additional fee. If you want more time than that, there would be additional fees as per our regular price schedule.

Is there someone there all the time?

Yes, we are staffed 24 hours per day!

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

We will allow for unaltered pets, especially puppies. Saying that, if a female is in her heat cycle, she will not be able to be at Furbaby. If a male is showing aggression or humping behaviours they may be asked not to return until they are neutered.

If my dog has medication, can you administer?

We are able to administer oral medications, topical ointments and diabetic insulin shots. If your pet is receiving medication for a contagious infection or disease (ie. Pink eye, kennel cough), your pet will not be able to come back to Furbaby until they are clear of these types of ailments.

Do you watch other animals besides cats and dogs?

Yes – we will watch ferrets, rats, mice, gerbils, Guinea pigs, domestic birds on an in-home basis. We will go to your home to provide the daily care while you are away. Need to bring them to Furbaby? Call to discuss options.

Can I bring my dog in after a spay or neuter?

Dogs are not allowed at daycare or boarding for two weeks after a spay or neuter to ensure they have healed properly.

Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik

Jocelyn is not only a pet lover but a professional dedicated to her career. Growing up with dogs, spending time on a farm and having years of experience with animals who have a range of needs has given her the drive to create a business that incorporates holistic pet care practices. Jocelyn is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT), Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS), Certified PetTech ™ Pet First Aid, CPR & Pet Saver Instructor (PTI), and Certificate in Enrichment Counselling (Dog Guru’s). She also has numerous other pet education courses, but her real talent is her connection with your furbabies!

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