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Introduction to Early Tick Activity

Recent discussions on social media and expert commentary, including insights from Bernie Grafe of Orkin Canada, have highlighted an unusual trend: ticks are appearing much earlier than usual across Canada. Local veterinarians in Saskatoon have already reported cases of ticks on dogs, and despite a recent bout of snow, increased tick activity is expected. For pet owners, this signals that Flea and Tick Season in Saskatoon is beginning earlier than anticipated. This early onset emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to ensure Flea and Tick Season in Saskatoon doesn’t take a toll on your pets, making early prevention more crucial than ever.

Understanding the Risks in Saskatoon

Most intestinal parasites, including ticks and fleas, lie dormant during the harsh winter months. However, as the weather warms up in spring, these parasites become active again. Ticks, which thrive in mild to warm conditions, are generally most active from May through July. Given our early sightings and the local climate trends, Saskatoon residents should be particularly vigilant.

Furbaby Pet Care’s Commitment to Prevention

At Furbaby Pet Care, we recognize the critical need to protect your pets from seasonal pests like fleas and ticks. While we are a pet daycare and boarding facility and do not dispense veterinary advice, we are committed to supporting your pet’s health by advising on preventative measures. Our team is prepared to guide you in understanding the best practices for parasite prevention, linking you to our well-established policies and suggesting appropriate actions based on your pet’s lifestyle. Whether your furry friend is mostly indoors, enjoys visits to dog parks, joins other pets in daycare, or travels with you, we can help ensure they stay protected during the flea and tick season.

Preventative Measures You Can Take

  • Observant Care: Regular visits to Furbaby Pet Care allow our attentive staff to monitor your pets for signs of fleas or ticks. While we can’t diagnose or treat, we can alert you if we notice anything that might warrant a closer look by a professional.
  • Preventive Advice: We understand that each pet’s exposure to other animals and their environment varies. While we don’t provide medical treatments, we may be able to offer some direction based on our observations during their stay at our facility.
  • Informative Support: Our team is knowledgeable about flea and tick season challenges and may be able to provide you with information on how to keep your pets safe. Remember, for medical advice and treatment, please consult with a veterinarian.
  • Check the Tick App! The citizen science initiative eTick.ca encourages public involvement in tracking ticks across Canada. By uploading photos of ticks to eTick.ca, participants can have them identified by a professional. The data collected—including the date and location of the find—is then mapped and made accessible, allowing users to view tick activity by species, year, or region.

The Consensus? Act Now!

Don’t wait for the full swing of Flea and Tick Season Saskatoon to start thinking about prevention. Early action is key to ensuring your pets remain happy and healthy throughout the season. For more information, visit us at Furbaby Pet Care or contact our team. We’re here to help during flea and tick season.