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I’m here to tell you about Furbaby Pet Care’s Mobile Services!

Hi everyone and thank you so much for taking time to read my blog on the Furbaby Pet Care site. My name is Kianna Pollard, and I am the full time mobile person on staff at Furbaby Pet Care. This means Monday to Friday, I am out doing a variety of mobile services for Furbaby clients. We refer to them as “mobile” services because that’s exactly what it is: I’m mobile and move to different places, and homes throughout the city. The mobile services we offer include in-home visits, in-home overnight visits, dog walks, transports/pet taxi, as well as meet-and-greets.

What do Furbaby’s Mobile Services include?

When you book in a mobile service such as an in-home visit, we will come to your house and provide care for your pets. These visits last half an hour, so during this time we will feed/water/visit/play/clean-up after your pets (other services included upon request). Another version of these in-home visits are the overnight visits. It’s the same idea as an in-home visit except in this case we will stay overnight at your house to provide care for your pets. We also offer 30-minute and one-hour dog walks which come in handy if you are away or unable to walk your dog during the day. It’s quite simple really; we will come to your house and take your dog on a walk for you. And I’m not gonna lie when I tell you this – I LOVE going to take your dogs for a walk! Each of your pups has such a unique character and I get to spend time with them all!

Furbaby also offers many other mobile services too!

It’s true, we do offer many types of mobile services such as pet transport and pet taxi services for your pets. The idea is that if you are unable to get your pet to or from daycare, or a vet appointment, we will come to you and transport your pet for you.

And, in case you didn’t know, with our new mobile clients, we provide a service to come meet you and your pet(s). This type of meeting really helps us to learn more about you and your fur baby. It also gives us a strong understanding about the care your pet needs.

Wow! Is this really my job?

Sometimes, I can’t believe it myself! I get to work with dogs and cats and even bunny rabbits every day and make sure their needs are taken care of. I’ve now got eight months of experience and I’m coming up on four months of full-time experience doing mobile services. From all of that, I have created many bonds with many different pets and pet owners. I love being able to return to the same houses each week and seeing our regular clients, just as much as I love to see fresh faces as well. I am very passionate about the work that I do at Furbaby Pet Care which has made me into a very hardworking and dedicated employee, allowing me to do the best job that I can! It brings me a lot of joy to be able to help out other pet parents and their fur babies!

Thank you for reading my blog and please enjoy some of my pictures below of the pets I care for.

Meet some of the pets I get to care for!


This is Luna, one of our regular clients for dog walks. I have been walking Luna and her sister Oreo for a few months now and we have created a very strong bond between the two of us. Every time I arrive at the house to take her on her walk, she makes sure to give me a big hug and lots of kisses!


This is Charlie. I love going to see him and his sister Piper. The two of them have been getting in-home visits for quite some time now with Furbaby Pet Care. Every time I walk into the house Charlie greets me by bringing me a new item each time as a gift. I have made it a habit to record him every time I walk in, to document all the items he has brought me.


Finally, this is Casper and Maple. I have the pleasure of taking these two to the dog park every day. It’s a highlight! They have started to notice a routine and whenever I pick them up, they know exactly where they are going. They are both such kind dogs, and we always have a great time at the park!

Here are some of the other pets I love caring for at Furbaby!