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It’s begun. You’ve made the decision to get a puppy or adopt a dog and now you have a lifetime of important decisions to make.

A dog’s well-being starts the minute they are born. Suddenly you’re immersed in a furry world that includes weaning, vaccinating, feeding, training, grooming and dispensing lots of love. (Oh and picking up poop too!)

Pet wellness occurs on many levels, but there is one form of therapy that could literally last a lifetime for your pup. Canine Massage is a form of alternative therapy that boasts a long list of benefits like relaxation, increased oxygenation, relief from pain, improved joint flexibility, as well as potential improvement to the immune system. Canine massage sessions use touch to maintain or improve your dog’s physical and emotional well-being.

This massage therapy can also augment the normal flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to the rest of the body for optimal health. So, if you know your dog has problems with its joints, you will see the animal adjust his weight to ease the strain. Massage will help to restore balance in movement and comfort.

Massage is good for every stage of a pet’s development:

  • For puppies – massage provides calming measures for the little ones, ensuring they are developing proper gait as their bones and muscles develop;
  • For all ages – massage helps keep muscle fibres lean and healthy while releasing toxins that may be building up in the body. Massage maintains overall health as well as helps improve circulation issues;
  • And senior dogs too – as your dog ages, they become less active, which can lead to stiffness and aches & pains.  Regular massage keeps the muscles active and supporting the body.

Find out more about canine massage therapy at Furbaby Pet Care.

Jocelyn Davey Hawreluik is the owner of Furbaby Pet Care in Saskatoon. Among her many credentials, she is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT), as well as a Certified PetTech ™ Pet First Aid, CPR & Pet Saver Instructor.

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