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Autumn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is a time of picturesque beauty. The leaves change colour, and the air grows crisper. However, as the mild days of late summer give way to cooler nights, it’s essential to prepare our pets for this seasonal transition. Here’s are some fall pet care tips from Furbaby Pet Care to ensure your furball remains comfy, safe, and healthy.

Shedding and Grooming:

Did you notice your pet shedding more? As fall approaches, many animals shed their summer coats to make way for a denser winter one. Regular grooming sessions will not only help reduce matting but also ensure your pet feels comfortable and their coat stays healthy. For local grooming recommendations, Furbaby Pet Care in Saskatoon is here to assist!

Adjusting Exercise Routines:

With daylight dwindling, the evening walks you and your furry friend enjoyed might need a slight adjustment. Consider shifting walk schedules to capitalize on daylight or investing in reflective gear for those dusk strolls. As the temperature drops, indoor activities and toys can be a great way to ensure your pet remains active. Puzzle toys or indoor fetch sessions can be fantastic alternatives!

Diet and Nutrition:

As we start to bundle up and perhaps become a little more sedentary, our pets too might experience changes in their activity levels. This shift can influence their dietary needs. It might be worth discussing any potential diet modifications with your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met.

Fall Pet Safety:

Saskatoon’s fall beauty can, unfortunately, bring a few risks. As mushrooms sprout up and anti-freeze becomes a common sight, it’s crucial to be vigilant. Additionally, with rodents seeking warmer shelters, remember to keep rodenticides away, as they can be lethal to pets.

Preparing for Cooler Nights:

Those cooler Saskatoon nights are a reminder that winter is coming! Make sure your furry friend has a warm and cozy spot to curl up in. For pets that love spending time outdoors, or for those short-haired breeds, now might be the perfect time to introduce pet-friendly sweaters or jackets. These not only make for adorable photo ops but also keep your pet snug during chilly walks.


As the seasons shift in Saskatoon, it’s essential to ensure our pets adjust comfortably and safely. From grooming to adjusting their routines, a little preparation goes a long way. If you have more questions or need assistance prepping your pet for the colder months, Furbaby Pet Care is always here to help. Share your fall pet preparation tips with us or reach out for any services you might need this season.

Stay cozy, Saskatoon, and give your furry friend an extra snuggle from us! 🍁🐾