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Hi everyone. I know, I know…it’s been far too long since my last blog post to you, but I’m glad I can share some time with you right now! So, here’s a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate you at Furbaby Pet Care!


We love welcoming your pets to the Furbaby Campus


We love meeting new dogs, and seeing the regulars return. It means the world to us when you come back with your fur baby and some of our favourite conversations within our team are about how your dogs or cats are growing up. Often, we share funny stories about your pets, especially when they are being particularly silly. We’re genuinely concerned for your pets and ensure we go above-and-beyond when they’re here. We work together as a team and have some pretty rigid internal communication protocols about your pets, so we all stay on the same page throughout their visit. And we mean it: we love each pet who comes through our doors as though it was our own. So, thank you very much!



Boarding services are booked up for Christmas…!


…but there IS as waiting list for boarding and day care. If you want to get on the list, just drop us an email or call us at (306) 912-7783. You can always check our website as well for the list of all of our services.

It’s just a gentle reminder that we do fill up quickly for advance bookings at Furbaby Pet Care. That’s why we urge you to book your pet’s stay in advance. If you’re planning a holiday in the new year, or even thinking about your summer holidays, get a reservation in to us. There are long weekends to think about too, so it’s important you keep us top-of-mind when you sit down to book upcoming vacations or holidays.


There will be some changes to our online booking system soon!

As you likely know, Furbaby Pet Care uses an online booking system called Gingr. Gingr has gone through some major upgrades, with the major focus on the customers – you! Starting next month, the Gingr Customer Portal 2.0 will give you a far better optimized experience when interacting with us on Gingr. Improvements with the new Customer Portal include optimized booking workflows and better organization of information.


All log-in information will remain the same, and when things are in place, we’ll give you the new portal link. There will also be some basic information about the new portal. The new Customer Portal 2.0 will come with a mobile app availability for Android and Apple devices. Once the mobile app is available for download, we will alert you. So, please, stay tuned for this!


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Got your Christmas gift ideas in order yet? It’s probably too early for some of you, but if you have friends with pets, remember all the services we offer at Furbaby Pet Care!

Of course, you can make it simple by just purchasing a gift card from us. But you can also get some nice extras at Furbaby Pet Care like grooming sessions, daycare and boarding packages or training. You can add on these services to your own profile, or contact us if you’d like to purchase a gift card for friends or family.