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Often, when pets are facility boarded, they are kennelled for the night and many times for long portions of the day. Basically, they are placed in solitary confinement for long stretches. For a dog or cat that’s used to running, free roaming and unfettered access to a house, yard or run, this can be a torturous and arduous experience, leading to long-term trauma, stress and mental anguish with lengthy affects on the rest of the animal’s life.


Pets belong with people. There would be no pets without their people. Otherwise, they’re just animals. So why put yours through something so stressful, scarring and traumatic?

24 Hour Pet Care, with people there for your pets all day, every day- this is how I want my dog cared for. Knowing there is always a person there if my dog needs a hug, or to lick a shin, a hand or a forehead, that’s a deep comfort to me and it has to be for my dog too!

Seek out a true 24 Hour pet care facility for your pet and feel better, knowing that total care means the same thing to you that it means to them when you need someone to watch over your pet when you simply must go away. Be sure that it is truly 24Hr care, too, because while a lot of places may make that claim, hardly any follow through with living humans to watch over your best friends.

This is what we provide at Furbaby Campus: 24 hours of unconditional love and safety, every day of the year.